Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Quiet Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was no kingdom ruled by a nothing king.


You were walking along and

You were walking along and thought about hitching a ride on the next wagon when

You were walking along and thought about hitching a ride on the next wagon when you looked up and you saw

You saw

You saw the sky.

Not the sky. The No Sky. The Nothing Sky. It wasn't white or black. It wasn't any color, for what color was nothing? It was nothing at all and it spread out as far as the eye could see and farther, for can the eye see nothing?

You looked up and saw nothing at all. And then it fell, the sky, the No Sky, was falling all around you and everything was turning into nothing.

You reached out your hand and it was gone. Like it had never existed.

You wished for one more hour, one more minute, one more second, but you knew there were no more left. No more minutes, no more stars, no more wishes. There was only nothing left.

Only nothing left.

Only nothing.



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  1. not sure if your a proxie , or what , but I'm posting this in the original format

    I dont usualy communicate with proxies , but , just so you know , the fear verse , the universes your in , are pretty non linear , the fears life cycles actualy happen through specific univenses on specific dates , and just so you know , there all being born on youtube right now , and I'm giving them abortions as fast as I can , with the exception of glitch , because , well , I find him pretty cool , he aint as much of an ass as most of your friends seem to be , but just so you know , any timeline featuring these fears , that happens after the abortions , like yours , is going to wither and die , and slowley get absorbed into timelines where that particuler fear didnt exist , near as I can tell , the wooden girls abortion has already been successful , the smiling man seems to be on the fence , we'll know if that was successful if he shows up again , and the mother of snakes is going next , just so you know , you can join the runners , or be entirley rewriten , with your curent , soon to be false memories dissapear , or , you can start to take the form , your probably going to take once the dimensional changes set in in your timeline , and , you might be able to keep some of your memories as a token leftover , your call , btw , glitch is going to be getting stronger soon , I wont spoil the surprises , talk to him yourself